How to consult a physician online at Doctor Smart?

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It is not always evident what physicians do and what conditions are in their competence. When the disease hasn’t been diagnosed yet, patients get a referral to a physician in the first place. Physicians are the ones who certify sick notes and prescribe antivirals. What the true mission of those doctors is, though, and when do the patients need to consult them?

Physicians are versatile doctors. Their medical knowledge and practice are much wider than those of narrow focused specialists. That explains why physicians are the first ones to examine undiagnosed patients. Physicians listen to patients’ complaints, find out what has caused the sickness, and define in which organ the problem is in order to further refer the patient to a narrower focused specialist.

Physicians are one of the leaders among all the virtual visits. The reason of it is that patients might not know what specialist they need to consult with their symptoms. There is no need to go to the hospital, though, because virtual visits are available. The only thing required is the Internet connection.

Consult a physician online

You can choose the way of getting in touch with your specialist. Doctor Smart offers you 3 options, and each of them has its advantages.

1. Online chat with doctor

This is the most common way of communication among the Internet users. You can get in touch with your physician via instant messages. This option is suitable for those who type quickly.

Online chat is also an option for the people who feel shy to talk to a doctor about their problem. With instant messages, patients can discuss their concerns incognito, and this might help somebody tell everything without being embarrassed. Besides, if your connection isn’t very good, consulting via chat is definitely an option for you.

2. Voice call

You can try voice calls to discuss everything with your doctor in real time. It will save you time because people speak faster than they type. Besides, a voice call is a kind of confirmation that you are talking to a real person, not a robot. If you feel more confident with speaking than typing, try a voice call at Doctor Smart.

3. Video chat

This is the most convenient option for the doctors because they can also see you, not only hear you. It will allow you to show some sores or birthmarks to the doctor, and the doctor will be able to examine visual symptoms (swollen face or swollen lymph nodes in your neck, etc.). Video chat with a dietologist will let the doctor evaluate your body condition.

Video chat is also an option for the patients who are prone to be skeptical and want to make sure that they are talking to a real doctor. If that sounds good to you, consult your doctor right now.


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