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What is Doctor Smart?

Doctor Smart is an online consultation service with doctors around the clock and without queues. It is a convenient opportunity to get prompt, professional assistance from a general practitioner, pediatrician, gynecologist, nutritionist, fitness expert and even a veterinarian. You can get advice wherever you are – to get in touch with our specialists you only need access to the Internet.

You choose a convenient format for communication – video call, audio call or chat consultation. Professional Doctor Smart doctors will answer your questions and give you accurate recommendations that will help you feel better and improve your health.

Right now, there is a special price of $7 for a 15-minute consultation with any specialist in Doctor Smart. This usually gives the specialist enough time to understand the problem and give recommendations.  You can extend the consultation if desired. In that case, billing will be per minute.

Payment procedure:

  1. Before starting the online consultation, you give your bank card details.
  2. The cost of the online consultation is debited in your currency.
  3. After 15 minutes of consultation, the system will offer to continue it at the rate of 150 rubles for 15 minutes. Funds for unused minutes will remain on your account in your User Account.

The cost of Doctor Smart services can vary depending on the region.

In Doctor Smart, you can get online advice on health, nutrition and physical activity. Consultations are conducted by specialists in various fields – from general practitioners to nutritional experts and psychologists.

Online communication with a doctor does not differ from the usual in-person consultation: the doctor will listen to your problem and clarify all the necessary details, after which he/she will make detailed recommendations on the treatment plan, further tests and studies, and also tell you what to do and what not to do next. The history of consultations and detailed recommendations of each doctor are always available in your User Account. The services provided by Doctor Smart are for information only.

Online consultations in Doctor Smart are available around the clock, including on holidays and weekends. You can contact your doctor anywhere, wherever you are – at work, at home, on a trip to the country or on vacation. The main thing is having Internet access.

In Doctor Smart you can get a professional consultation on current health issues, as well as take advantage of additional services:

  • An explanation of tests – if you need to quickly read through the results of tests and studies, but there is no time for an office appointment with a specialist.
  • A second opinion, if you were already at a doctor’s appointment and want to clarify the diagnosis. This is especially important for complex cases or for making serious medical decisions.

In Doctor Smart, you can get advice from highly skilled specialists in a wide range of fields – from general practitioners to nutritional experts and psychologists. You can ask them about matters of concern and get accurate recommendations at any convenient time for you.

  • General practitioner – general questions
  • Pediatrician – children’s health, child care, disease prevention and development of the baby
  • Neuropathologist – nervous system, headaches, back and neck pain, spinal injury, blood pressure
  • Psychologist – personal problems, neuroses, stress and crisis states
  • Gynecologist – women’s health
  • Sexologist – intimate life, sexual disorders and dysfunctions
  • Beautician – skin diseases, maintaining the health and youth of your skin
  • Nutritionist – balanced nutrition, personal diet
  • Fitness expert – personal training program and workouts
  • Veterinarian – pet health

Before starting work in the service, all doctors confirm their qualification: they provide certificates of education and pass the internal Doctor Smart exam.

You can also influence the rating and evaluate the work of a specialist. We closely monitor all your feedback, so you can be sure of the quality of the consultations.

In the Doctor Smart service, there are three ways to communicate with a specialist – you can choose the one that is convenient for you:

  • Video call
  • Audio call
  • Chat consultation

We recommend using video calling so that the doctor can see you. This helps the doctor to make a more accurate diagnosis and give effective recommendations.

If you do not have a video calling option, you can call the doctor by phone or send him/her a message. Regardless of the communication format, the specialist will listen to you and tell you how to improve your health.

If you have tests or a medical history, be sure to show them to the Doctor Smart specialist.  This information will help the doctor diagnose your problem more quickly.

To speak an online doctor, you need to do a simple registration with Doctor Smart. This will take no more than 3 minutes.

  1. Enter your phone number and receive a confirmation code.
  2. Read and accept the Terms of Service to gain access to the system.
  3. Fill in your profile in your User Account: full name, age, special health conditions (e.g., pregnancy). Be sure to indicate your height, weight and the presence of any allergies.

It is also important for us to know which country and city you are in so we can advise you about local clinics or laboratories for additional studies, if necessary.

Only verified professional doctors work for Doctor Smart.

To ensure high-quality services, we use a two-stage system to verify specialists. Prior to accepting patients, each doctor passes our own examination to check medical knowledge. This is an automated test that checks the doctor’s level of knowledge of medical standards, analytical skills, and the ability to compare the indications and contraindications of prescribed medications. After that, the specialists provide the necessary certificates and diplomas confirming their qualifications.

Your Doctor Smart User Account always lets you get a consultation from the right specialist in a convenient format – by video, audio or chat. You can also request an explanation of your tests or order “second opinion” service if you have already been diagnosed, but you want to get another professional opinion. All these options are available from Doctor Smart at any time and at an affordable price.

In your User Account the most important data on your health is stored:

  • Medical card. Contains a complete history of your visits to doctors and important information about you: weight, height, your normal blood pressure.
  • Records of consultations. You can always review the record of your consultation with a doctor.
  • Recommendations of specialists. You will not forget anything – detailed recommendations are always at your fingertips.
  • Test results. You can attach the test data to your profile so that a specialist can use them to make an accurate diagnosis.

We are also planning to integrate data from fitness apps and wearable devices into your User Account. They will help you monitor your health status, seek medical help on time and get more accurate recommendations from a specialist.

Online consultation is a convenient alternative to a personal visit to a doctor when you’re on vacation or a business trip, in another city or abroad. Doctor Smart will help you deal with concerns about your health, without delay.

Just connect to the Internet, log into your profile on the Doctor Smart site and start speaking with the right doctor. The specialist will ask the necessary questions about your condition and tell you what to do next.

Doctor Smart consultants work all over the world in different time zones. Our specialists monitor the patient flow ratio and the number of consultants online. If you have a question about health, you can count on prompt support 24 hours a day.

The Doctor Smart service is designed for those who take care of their health and care about their loved ones. Those who do not want to spend time searching for unreliable information on the Internet or to contact yet another specialist offline. Doctor Smart users can get advice from an experienced specialist at any time, from anywhere. With the help of our consultants, it is much easier and more convenient to learn more about your health, about pharmaceutical innovations or tests needed for examination, and to get advice about exercise or a healthy diet. Health is the guarantee of wellness, and our specialists are always there to suggest how to strengthen it and prevent problems.

Yes, you can. You can get an online consultation from a Doctor Smart specialist in any time zone, regardless of the time of day. DS is an international service covering medical institutions and laboratories from different countries. The developers plan to create multi-language products adapted to any region. People from different countries will be able to use the service, regardless of whether they are traveling at the moment or are in their home region.

The service works on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

A team of experts in the healthcare field and experienced IT specialists from Russia, China, Israel, Austria and Korea are involved in developing the service.

The co-founders of the project are Pavel Roitberg (more than 20 years of involvement in developing healthcare software, the creator of cloud-based medical history, an expert medical decision support system and a control system for prescribed medications) and Vladimir Nikolsky (founder of several gamedev companies such as IT Territory and the Astrum Online Entertainment holding; Vladimir is also on the Board of Directors of Group).

Doctor Smart consultants include foreign investors and representatives of the financial sector Eldwin Wong and Mario Schlener, Professor Alexander Rumyantsev (Doctor of Medicine, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and RAMS), and blockchain experts Sergey Chernev and Victor Savevsky.

Doctor Smart is a partner of “Medicine”, one of Russia’s largest healthcare companies. This allows us to draw on the development of the clinic – the largest HIS in Russia and a support system for making medical decisions.

Any user of the service who has reached the age of majority can receive a consultation from the specialists.

At present, your name, phone number, data on past consultations and cash balance are stored in your Doctor Smart account.

The DS medical card will soon aggregate a wide range of information: test results, doctors’ recommendations, records of consultations, data from fitness apps and wellness devices and much more. You will be able to manage your medical information yourself, and it will be available to healthcare and wellness service providers for quality monitoring of your health only with your permission.

The DS ecosystem is based on a technology platform with very broad capabilities. With its help, you can immediately get a consultation from a reliable doctor – a general practitioner, pediatrician or gynecologist. In the future, the list of consultants will be expanded to include wellness specialists, psychologists and even veterinarians. The platform will store all information about the user’s health, including data from wearable devices and fitness apps. Through the service you can sign up for an offline appointment with a doctor and for the delivery of laboratory tests. Integration of medical insurance companies with DS will allow customers of the service to receive insurance services.

An obvious advantage for third-party developers is the option to integrate their technologies into the system, for example, AI technologies for MRI and X-ray imaging.

To participate in the expansion of the DS service, you can write to us ( and tell us about your online consultation, and whether you were satisfied with the quality of the services provided. Feedback is very important to us, especially now, at the beginning of our journey, so all user comments are considered and serve as a basis for further qualitative development of the project.

Another way to support the service is to install a real node or create a virtual node. To install a real node, you must make a deposit in DSTT tokens and get the consent of valid voting nodes. To create a virtual node, all you have to do is make a deposit in DSTT tokens, and DS will be responsible for technical installation and maintenance of the node.

Doctor Smart is a platform in which a new economic model in the healthcare sector will be implemented, based on the principle of decentralization. The integrated ecosystem will unite the infrastructure of medical institutions, health centers, laboratories, medical insurance companies, manufacturers of wearable medical devices and wellness apps, as well as automated services based on neural networks.

Patients can be accepted anywhere in the world with Internet access. If the connection is unstable, you can use an audio call or text chat instead of a video consultation.

The service receives a commission from the cost of services provided to users by our partners and connected specialists.

DS service uses its own program for checking the qualifications of doctors, while the quality of consulting services is checked by a team of supervisors who are experts in the required field of knowledge. If the quality of the services is inadequate, the doctor may be fined or disconnected from the DS platform.

Each user can evaluate the quality of the services provided by the specialist by posting a rating following the consultation. You can also contact the Doctor Smart support service. All comments will be considered.