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Get advice from a physician, pediatrician and gynecologist for a special price $7. Our specialist will collect information about your health and answer any questions that concern you.

$7 per virtual visit
15 minutes is duration of the consultation. If necessary, the consultation will be continued for the next 15 minutes

What Kind of Advice Can You Get?

It’s alright to ask anything, when it comes to health. You can bring any concerns to our online specialists. During a virtual visit, they will collect your health information and use it to give professional medical advice, or interpret your test results.

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Dizziness can be a symptom of different conditions. An online consultation can help you identify the cause—after answering some questions, you will get treatment advice. Our specialist will let you know if it might be serious and you should make an appointment with a doctor, or if it’s temporary and you just need to get some rest.

Fatigue and eye pain
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If your eyes hurt, you could just be tired, or it may be caused by a different health factor. To diagnose the problem, our specialist will need you to describe your symptoms in detail—when the pain occurs and how it manifests itself. Based on your answers, they will decide if you should seek medical care or, if it’s nothing serious, provide some tips on how to ease your symptoms.

Heat emergencies
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Heat stress has several stages, heat stroke being the most severe. To evaluate the situation, your online doctor will ask you some questions. They will use your answers to confirm the diagnosis and give you professional treatment advice. In case of a life-threatening emergency, they will instruct you to call an ambulance and tell you what to do until it arrives.

Stomach ache
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There are many causes of stomach pains. Symptoms can vary too—different areas, types and severity of pain. A video visit will allow you to show where it hurts and to better explain what it feels is like. Carefully answer any additional questions to get personalized advice—our online specialist may recommend you to make an appointment with a doctor, or prescribe medication for your stomach and give you tips on healthy eating.

Interpreting test results
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If you need help interpreting laboratory test results, you should share relevant files during your virtual visit with a health specialist and answer their questions. The specialist will help you understand what your test results mean. Based on the results, your doctor will recommend what treatment to start right away, and, if necessary, what further tests to undergo.

If your child has swallowed something dangerous
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It’s always a stress for parents when their child eats spoiled food, or swallows an object or something poisonous. Seeking immediate health advice is a good idea. You can consult an online specialist to describe the situation and find out if you should see a doctor in person. If there’s no danger, you will get preventive care and diet advice.

If your child has a fever
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Fever can be caused by a number of factors. During your virtual visit, a pediatrician will ask you to describe the symptoms in order to diagnose the problem and give treatment advice. You can ask any questions about your child’s condition to quickly figure out what you should do to remedy the situation.

Women’s health issues
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Women often don’t consider gynecological problems serious enough to seek medical attention. Some are embarrassed to see a gynecologist. With Doctor Smart, you can consult a women’s health specialist anytime, asking any questions you might have. Choose a convenient communication option—make a video or audio call, or use text chat. You can get professional health advice on contraception, menstrual pains, pregnancy symptoms, and other issues, however sensitive.

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Experience 9 years

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Experience 21 years

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Experience 11 years

Konovalenko Natalya Vladimirovna

Experience 9 years

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Experience 8 years

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Experience 5 years

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Answers on questions

Doctor Smart is an online consultation service with doctors around the clock and without queues. It is a convenient opportunity to get prompt, professional assistance from a general practitioner, pediatrician, gynecologist, nutritionist, fitness expert and even a veterinarian. You can get advice wherever you are – to get in touch with our specialists you only need access to the Internet. You choose a convenient format for communication – video call, audio call or chat consultation. Professional Doctor Smart doctors will answer your questions and give you accurate recommendations that will help you feel better and improve your health.
Right now, there is a special price of 150 rubles for a 15-minute consultation with any specialist in Doctor Smart. This usually gives the specialist enough time to understand the problem and give recommendations. You can extend the consultation if desired. In that case, billing will be per minute. Payment procedure:
  1. Before starting the online consultation, you give your bank card details.
  2. The cost of the online consultation is debited in your currency.
  3. After 15 minutes of consultation, the system will offer to continue it at the rate of 150 rubles for 15 minutes. Funds for unused minutes will remain on your account in your User Account.
The cost of Doctor Smart services can vary depending on the region.
In Doctor Smart, you can get online advice on health, nutrition and physical activity. Consultations are conducted by specialists in various fields – from general practitioners to nutritional experts and psychologists. Online communication with a doctor does not differ from the usual in-person consultation: the doctor will listen to your problem and clarify all the necessary details, after which he/she will make detailed recommendations on the treatment plan, further tests and studies, and also tell you what to do and what not to do next. The history of consultations and detailed recommendations of each doctor are always available in your User Account. The services provided by Doctor Smart are for information only. Online consultations in Doctor Smart are available around the clock, including on holidays and weekends. You can contact your doctor anywhere, wherever you are – at work, at home, on a trip to the country or on vacation. The main thing is having Internet access. In Doctor Smart you can get a professional consultation on current health issues, as well as take advantage of additional services:
  • An explanation of tests – if you need to quickly read through the results of tests and studies, but there is no time for an office appointment with a specialist.
  • A second opinion, if you were already at a doctor’s appointment and want to clarify the diagnosis. This is especially important for complex cases or for making serious medical decisions.
In Doctor Smart, you can get advice from highly skilled specialists in a wide range of fields – from general practitioners to nutritional experts and psychologists. You can ask them about matters of concern and get accurate recommendations at any convenient time for you.
  • General practitioner – general questions
  • Pediatrician – children’s health, child care, disease prevention and development of the baby
  • Neuropathologist – nervous system, headaches, back and neck pain, spinal injury, blood pressure
  • Psychologist – personal problems, neuroses, stress and crisis states
  • Gynecologist – women’s health
  • Sexologist – intimate life, sexual disorders and dysfunctions
  • Beautician – skin diseases, maintaining the health and youth of your skin
  • Nutritionist – balanced nutrition, personal diet
  • Fitness expert – personal training program and workouts
  • Veterinarian – pet health
Before starting work in the service, all doctors confirm their qualification: they provide certificates of education and pass the internal Doctor Smart exam. You can also influence the rating and evaluate the work of a specialist. We closely monitor all your feedback, so you can be sure of the quality of the consultations.
In the Doctor Smart service, there are three ways to communicate with a specialist – you can choose the one that is convenient for you:
  • Video call
  • Audio call
  • Chat consultation
We recommend using video calling so that the doctor can see you. This helps the doctor to make a more accurate diagnosis and give effective recommendations. If you do not have a video calling option, you can call the doctor by phone or send him/her a message. Regardless of the communication format, the specialist will listen to you and tell you how to improve your health. If you have tests or a medical history, be sure to show them to the Doctor Smart specialist. This information will help the doctor diagnose your problem more quickly.
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