Doctor Smart and Alphacon partner to deliver personalized health advice worldwide

DoctorSmart & Alphacon

Glad to announce that Doctor Smart partner with Alphacon, a blockchain-based healthcare data platform, to develop solutions for personalized healthcare. Some of them may potentially become part of the Doctor Smart service offering personalized advice to users.

Doctor Smart has been developing a personalized healthcare advice solution, including eating and physical activity advises and regular health check indicators. Project may benefit from integrating with Alphacon’s platform that uses personal genetic information to provide personalized healthcare advice, and to deliver more optimized and precise healthcare solutions.

Alphacon provides individuals with optimal personalized health solutions in order to maintain optimum health, leading the 120-year lifespan of the Alpha Age. Alphacon offers services related to genetics, the environment, and daily habits that determine health. Through these services the generated healthcare data is used to give users personalized healthcare solutions. In addition, individuals are given ownership of the healthcare data generated through these services and form an ecosystem that allows users to freely exercise their rights in data storage, distribution, and utilization.

The two companies also share a common goal—both Doctor Smart and Alphacon spearhead adoption of blockchain in healthcare. They are planning to share their networks of healthcare service providers and partnering businesses, conduct joint marketing activities, etc.

Siwon Hahm, Alphacon CEO 

This partnership is highly meaningful in that the services that can be provided to the users of Alphacon and Doctor Smart’s ecosystem will be improved both quantitatively and qualitatively, thereby creating an opportunity for further growth of the ecosystem. We will continue to strive to create an ecosystem that consistently grows in order to present users with a healthy life.



Pavel Roytberg, Co-founder of Doctor Smart

Personalized health advice, if delivered in an easy-to-understand manner with clear suggestions, could help people spend a lot less on health care. Convenient and affordable healthcare is exactly what we are aiming to achieve.

Our partnership with Alphacon will bring us closer to delivering the most accurate recommendations, based on each person’s unique genetic profile. Through this partnership, we expect to perfectly complement each other by sharing our strengths and collectively overcoming our shortcomings to be able to grow our business faster.


Doctor Smart and Alphacon’s shared mission is to extend the human lifespan and to improve quality of life worldwide.

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