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Visiting a gynecologist may often make patients nervous. As a result, they might forget to ask something they planned to, somebody might be embarrassed to discuss delicate issues, others might not ask to clarify some details in a rush. Once at home, patients take a look at their test results and prescriptions and realize that they cannot read doctor’s handwriting and have it all upside down in their head. Do they have to see a doctor again? Certainly not. Doctor Smart is always available, it can help solve problems like that.

With Doctor Smart, you can consult certified gynecologists. You can discuss the results of your previous visit, or you can prepare yourself for the next one. You can also ask your specialist at Doctor Smart any questions that you are embarrassed to ask in person. You can remain anonymous if you want so by using a nickname and consulting via instant messages or a voice call.

Your family and friends or the users of women forums can seldom explain competently all the peculiarities of the female organism, some intimate problems and treatments. Our doctors are always online, and they are ready to discuss any sensitive issues.

What kind of gynecologist consultation can I get?

Good gynecologist is not just a healthcare professional. These doctors are in charge of quite a delicate area, that’s why they have to be good listeners, to be able to help their patients calm down and feel confident, so that the patients can trust them and discuss everything without being embarrassed.

You will find it all at Doctor Smart. Our gynecologists will not be able to examine you, but they will answer the questions that you prefer not to ask a doctor in the hospital, or they will discuss the issues that you consider to be too minor for actually seeing a doctor. This is what our gynecologists can do for you:

  • explain possible causes of lower abdominal pain;
  • calculate the length of your menstrual cycle and see the irregularities;
  • figure out what possible causes of irregular menstrual cycle can be;
  • tell you about different contraception methods;
  • give some advice on how to plan your pregnancy;
  • answer your questions about menopause;
  • discuss basic rules of feminine hygiene;
  • figure out possible causes of suspicious discharge;
  • discuss any other delicate subjects concerning women’s health.

If a gynecologist doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always switch to another one. Several specialists in this area work at Doctor Smart, so it is up to you whom to consult online.

At Doctor Smart, absolute confidentiality of any personal information is one of our doctors’ principles. We guarantee that your conversation with your doctors is between you and them. You can access the conversation log and all the recommendations from the specialist through your personal account.


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