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Online jobs for health specialists from anywhere, anytime

Time, that you spend consulting, earns you real money! You get paid for every 15 minutes of consultation

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Only you decide from where and when you work. The only thing you need is a computer or a tablet and internet connection

Access to international best practices and cases

You can discuss every case with colleagues from other areas of medicine and countries. You will also get access to international cases and practices

Support team is always online

Online availability, no special hardware or software needed

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Specialist Reviews

Libega Elvira

“I enjoy using Doctor Smart, it makes me feel part of something truly innovative. I can consult patients with video even while I’m out in the country, or away on a business trip—it’s amazing. What’s also important is how convenient it is for work. I didn’t struggle to understand it, it’s all very intuitive. I’m not very tech-savvy, but Doctor Smart’s customer support is always there to quickly help when I need it.”

Konovalenko Natalya

“Doctor Smart is a very convenient platform. I had been curious to see how it worked and how efficient online consultations could be. After all, I’d been used to seeing my patients in person. But it turned out that video calls made virtual visits very similar to in-office visits, and it was easy enough to create a sense of personal connection. It also really helped to have a Doctor Smart representative carefully explain how to work with patients remotely.”

Petrunina Svetlana

“It’s a great opportunity to earn some extra money without ending up feeling tired and rushed. It’s good that such opportunities appear. You don’t have to go anywhere, you just get online and make yourself available on the platform—it’s convenient for both patients and doctors. I can use Doctor Smart from home or from my office, and I can choose my own schedule—in every aspect, it’s an excellent source of secondary income.”

Shvedov Alexander

“I believe that Doctor Smart is helping me move my career forward. Technology is shaping the future and we should keep up with industry trends. I am no longer merely following the news, reading about the latest developments in healthcare—I am now using such a solution myself. Truly impressed!”

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Answers on questions

To become a service consultant, you must take an automated test to determine your level of knowledge of the standards and the ability to work analytically with them, and also to compare the indications and contraindications of the prescribed treatments. In addition, you need to provide detailed information about your education, the results of certification and other necessary information (the exact list depends on the doctor’s specialization and region of work). Only after this are you given access to a specialist’s Office.
If a “window” was generated in regular work between appointments with clients, provide consultations in the Doctor Smart service. You can use your free time to advantage while enhancing your skills.
You can set a flexible work schedule and control it yourself. You can connect to the system and take an order without prior notice at any time of day.
Doctor Smart consultants receive an excellent incentive for professional growth and increased income, thanks to the consistently high flow of clients and the ability to apply innovative solutions in the provision of healthcare services. To improve the quality of patient care, we train medical consultants to work with remote consultations. In the near future, we will integrate a support system for medical decisions, along with the opportunity to discuss disputed cases with colleagues from around the world. After proving their professional skills and expert knowledge level in a particular field, a consultant can become a DS supervisor.
A supervisor assesses the quality of the services provided by consulting doctors and determines the reasons for low ratings from patients by detailed analysis of specific consultations. The staff of Doctor Smart supervisors is formed from the most experienced specialists in the system and experts in the required fields of knowledge.