Travel Without Worries: How Digital Health Can Save Your Vacation

Preparing to travel, we always make sure to pack a first-aid kit, but few of us see our smartphones as part of that kit. Here’s why we should.

Health and wellness experts on Doctor Smart are always there to answer any questions you might have, so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest—soak up positive vibes, excitement, and new impressions.

Step 1. Consult a specialist before you go

It’s a wise thing to do if you’d like to minimize any health risks during your trip, especially if you are going to exotic countries or are traveling with children. Should you obtain any vaccinations? What do you need to know about local food to avoid digestive disorders? Which products would be safe for children?

We often search for answers online, but finding reliable information can be challenging. You can save yourself the trouble by asking a healthcare specialist online. They will help you pack a first-aid travel kit, share tips for healthy eating, and provide advice on preventive measures (vaccinations, medication, etc.).

Extra advantages: A virtual visit is easy and doesn’t cost much, and you get advice from a health professional, not some questionable source on a travel forum.

Step 2. Get health advice while traveling

If yours is a city trip, you will have access to healthcare facilities. However, making an appointment with a local doctor can be tricky—oftentimes, you can’t be sure about the arrangements, service quality and medical qualifications, waiting times and eventual costs. You would have to overcome the language barrier, too—describing your symptoms, chronic conditions or drug sensitivity in a foreign language may not be easy. Given these concerns, travelers rarely consult local specialists even if they have a health issue.

With digital healthcare, you can get personalized health advice while traveling using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Get access to online doctors from the beach or during a hike—you can be anywhere and conveniently reach specialists on Doctor Smart to explain your symptoms and get treatment advice.

Extra advantage: You won’t have to wait to return home to deal with your health issue—an online specialist can help you feel better there and then, based on your complaints, so that you will be able to continue enjoying your vacation.

Step 3. Take care of your health after you return

Coming back from a vacation, a person should feel renewed and refreshed. In an ideal world. But what if you are suffering from jet lag longer than you should, or if you still have an upset stomach and a rash from foreign food and climate? These kinds of problems often don’t seem serious enough to make you spend time and money on medical visits. Doctor Smart offers a more convenient solution—an online specialist will ask you some questions and provide health advice right away.

Extra advantage: All recommendations will be available online in digital form, so you won’t have to handle your doctor’s indecipherable handwriting.

We hope you stay well, on vacation and otherwise! But if you ever need health advice, Doctor Smart is always there for you.

Keep healthy!


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