Three reasons to try virtual visits

What do you picture when you hear the words “a visit to a psychologist”? Half of us probably imagine a room with bookshelves and a leather couch, with a Mr. X lying down, his mind wandering, and a Mr. Y, his therapist, helping him navigate. Before you find yourself in a similar setting, you might like to try a virtual visit. Here are three good reasons to do it:

1. Quick test drive

Finding the right therapist—someone you can trust enough to share your most intimate thoughts—can be difficult. It might be easier to make your choice if you can reach specialists online. A 15-minute conversation could be enough for you to understand if a therapist makes you feel comfortable, and you would have saved travel time, as well as some money.

2. Comfort zone

You don’t have to spend 20 out of 45 minutes of your therapy session on trying to read those framed certificates on the wall and finally finding a comfortable position on the couch after several attempts. You can share your thoughts with a specialist right from the comfort of your own home. You can send messages, have a voice call or a video call, standing up, sitting or lying down, in a cross-legged position, wearing your pajamas or an evening dress—it’s entirely up to you.

3. Accessibility

The thought “I have a problem! What should I do?” could hit you anywhere anytime, at 6 in the evening in a Moscow traffic jam, or at 5 in the morning under a palm tree on a Turkish beach. Virtual visits put professional care at your fingertips, regardless of time and place.

The most important thing is to pay attention to yourself.

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