Doctor Smart launches the first neural network medical image analysis

Doctor Smart IA Second Opinion Artificial Intelligence

Doctor Smart online clinic is the first one in Russia to launch the AI Second Opinion service, through which anyone can analyze their X-ray image using artificial intelligence.

The AI Second Opinion service is built on a highly accurate medical neural network developed by Care Mentor AI. As a result of the analysis, the user gets a report describing possible pathologies and recommendations for further examinations. In 2019, Care Mentor AI plans to expand the range of research techniques it analyzes, adding CT, MRI, PET/CT, and mammography to X-rays.

Doctor Smart Павел Ройтберг

Pavel Roytberg, Doctor Smart and CareMentorAI co-founder

“The analysis of medical images is one of the most pressing and important tasks in the field of diagnostics, given that doctors are wrong in one out of every four image analyses. Our CareMentorAI team is building a very promising neural network, which will be able to analyze the most common types of radiological research in the upcoming 2-3 years. Within seconds, this technology will help people get a second opinion from artificial intelligence that determines pathological conditions similarly to leading medical experts.”

You can access the AI Second Opinion service through the Doctor Smart app. The user himself uploads frontal projection chest X-ray images into the medical neural network. Within a few seconds, it analyzes the data and compiles a report listing possible pathologies and recommendations. The first 1,000 users are offered a special price $5.


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